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Authorial lyrics and songs that talk about love, female empowerment, self-knowledge, LGBTQIA+ belonging. Take it lightly, sing sweetly and this is the formula for the success of Ana Gabriela, who celebrates her 1.5 million monthly listeners on platforms and followers on social networks for her new job! “Degradê” is his name: single and clip that will be released on June 10th, the month in which the world celebrates LGBTQIA+ pride. “Degradê” names the work song and the artist's second album, which will be released in October by Deck. The track speaks, according to Ana, of the mix. “From mixing colors, mixing who I want to be, because I believe that human beings are constantly evolving and changing. All the people who know me tell me: 'Man, this song is totally your personality, this song is totally you, anyone who knows you will know this song is about you'. So I'm happy to be writing a song that isn't just about love, about two women. I love talking, but I'm also talking about myself. I think it's the best song I've written so far. I love that name, “Gradient”. I think it's different, flashy, and it matches everything I want to say over time!”, she says. Ana Gabriela releases Degradê, the album, in October on Deck. The work will have very special participations.




With millions of plays and views and highlights in playlists around the world, European artist April June released a single with one of the hottest labels today, the Californian label Spirit Goth Records. Of Russian origin, he lived in Finland for many years, where he led the duo Eeriee Summer. Today, residing in Spain, April June continues with her independent career with the support and audio finalization of Extraordinários Music.

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​Amanda Döring releases “Afetos Colaterais”, the second single produced and released by Extraordinários Music. An allusion to the acceptance of personal journeys and their particularities. It exposes comparisons, anxieties and expectations of a dystopian world. Amanda hesitated to invest in her artistic career, until some decisive events from 2015 onwards, such as the invitation to tour the musical Chacrinha and her participation in the Reality Show X Factor Brasil. Creator of the 1st exclusively LGBTQ+ charity festival in Brazil, UneVersos, her portfolio has been collecting artists such as Johnny Hooker, Letrux, Jaloo, Lan Lanh and Ana Gabriela. Production direction signed by her, the Festival has already had two in-person editions and three more online.




"... I want the pain as big as it is, without the layers of suffering that resistance creates.

I want the expansion. You have to tear yourself apart to make room to grow.

How much I can stand to break up without my pieces scattering for good.

I let the sea wet me even though the touch of the water is icy on my body. 

Be like the waters, which flow. I accept the dark. I accept.

It gets dark and the sun inside lights up."

- Lian Tai

Film "O Sol de Dentro" by Juliana Colinas and Lian Tai




A great voice, many stories in the backpack

Jesuton has always been a divided soul looking for his place in the world. Born in London to a Jamaican mother and Nigerian father, she took advantage of her graduation from Oxford University and International Development at George Washington University to study one of her passions: Latin America. It was driven by this curiosity - and by the dream of making a living from music - that the singer arrived in Brazil in 2012. She became a national phenomenon when she started to perform musicals in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Quickly, his videos went viral, attracting the attention of the media all over Brazil and he debuted on the program of the renowned TV Globo presenter, Luciano Huck. He played shows and festivals all over Brazil, including Rock in Rio and Lollapalooza. He sang with established names such as Seu Jorge, Ana Carolina and Maria Gadú, establishing a solid place in the Brazilian music scene. His songs were the soundtrack of five soap operas. Flor do Caribe and Rock Story, which were recently shown in Portugal, have songs by the singer. In his first DVD he paid tribute to the legendary American record label Motown. Nowadays, Jesuton also performs as Nina Simone, in a biographical show about the singer. The show is on tour, and recently gained great prominence in the program “Versões”, from Canal BIS - Multishow in Brazil, being shown, in its entirety, in the third season of the program. The world of acting also began to attract her: Jesuton premiered her first feature film 'Diminuta' (directed by Bruno Saglia), in 2014, and was part of the cast of GloboPlay's miniseries: 'As Five', in 2020. Brit who enchanted Brazil with her powerful voice, embarks on a new adventure: bringing the richness of her sound travels in the Americas back to Europe for the first time. 







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